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Learn how to build your personal brand, package your expertise into a profitable business, and position yourself as the go-to expert in your niche.

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In Branded Like A Leader 2.0 Shaan Reveals Well-Kept Industry Secrets That Have Helped His Clients Generate Over $15M In Revenue — In Less Than 3 Years

Now you can load your professional experience into a framework that turns your expertise into a profitable business.

In 7 Simple Steps…

Branded Like A Leader 2.0 is going to teach you how to:

Build Your Personal Brand

Discover the secrets for building a magnetic personal brand that penetrates that market with impact and influence.

Package Your Expertise

Learn Shaan’s 7 step methodology for packaging your expertise into a profitable business that allows you to 10X your current income.

Attract Your Ideal Clients

Learn how to gain attention in the market to magnetically attract the right clients for your business.

Position Yourself As The "Go To" Expert

Use Branded Like A Leader to position yourself as a subject matter expert in your niche so you can stand out in the market as the only viable option.

Transition From Your 9-5 to Full Time Entrepreneurship

You’re going to learn how to transition from a full time employee to being the CEO of your own business.

Market Your Brand

Learn how to to effectively market your brand so you can generate revenue and build the right foundation for lasting success.

Launch Your Brand In Record Time

Branded Like A Leader 2.0 is going to teach you the secrets for launching your brand in record time.

PLUS... Set Prices That Stick

Discover the keys for pricing your services for maximum profitability and scalability.

Introducing Branded Like A Leader 2.0

A live implementation program to help you build your personal brand, package your expertise into a profitable business, and position yourself as the go-to expert in your niche.

Course Access

Join Shaan’s Branded Like A Leader 2.0 live implementation course where he will be revealing his 7 simple steps for turning your expertise into a profitable business

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Live Coaching

Get access to Live bi-weekly support from our private community of professionals from around the world. Connect with accountability partners in different stages of business. Learn directly from Shaan and his team of experienced business mentors.

VALUE $6000

Private Community

Connect with like minded professionals from around the world who are building influencer brands. Learn what’s working (and not working) so you can speed up your journey to success

VALUE $2000

VALUE: $12,997.00   Price: $4,997

Are You Ready To Turn Your Passion Into Profit?


Disclaimer 1:

This is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme. There is real work involved. Don't worry. We will be guiding you through every step

Disclaimer 2:

This program is for professionals who want to turn their expertise into a business. This is about making money doing what you love but also adding real value to the lives of others. If you're not prepared to do that then this is NOT for you.

Disclaimer 3:

This is NOT just another course. We don't only give you information. We will help you to put in place what you’re learning so you can get the quickest return on investment at your speed of implementation.
I Go By The Name Of Shaan Rais And Until Very Recently I Was Your Average “9-5er”. Overworked, Underpaid, And On A Mission To Start A Business So I Can Escape The Rat Race.

I had a love-hate relationship with the office. Some days I loved what I did at my job and even flirted with the idea of staying… other days it felt like I was working in a prison. I couldn’t shake the thought that while I was busy doing the work…

Someone Else Was Getting Rich.

I had a burning desire to start my own business but the problem was I had no idea what to sell… No idea how to package it together… And I wasn’t sure how to position myself in the market to attract the right eyeballs.

I eventually decided to go down the motivational speaker and coach route and after a few months, I started making traction and getting my first few clients, my side hustle was starting to take off…

Then Just When It Seems Like I Was About To Hit The Jackpot I Had My Hopes And Dreams Crushed To Dust. I Lost Everything.

That’s how I stumbled upon a 7-step process that would instantly change my life and the lives of other professionals forever.

I call it Branded Like A Leader.






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Ideal Avatar Worksheet

This worksheet is designed to simplify the process of discovering your ideal client avatar. Learn the secrets to pinpointing the right target audience so you can create magnetic messages and grow your business to new heights


5 Steps To Developing A Powerful Brand Story

Get access to Shaan’s powerful 5 step process for creating electric brand stories that capture the hearts of your ideal clients and compel them to click.


Influencer Brand Profile Assessment

Take Shaan’s evidence-based assessment to learn how to position your brand for maximum success based on your personality, natural strengths and traits

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Laser-Focused Success Strategy Consult

Speak directly with a founding member of the Shaan Rais team to learn first hand how they were able to grow the brand from zero to multiple 7 figures organically in less than two years and how you can too.

VALUE $4997

Here is everything you get when you…

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Branded Like A Leader 2.0 Course


Limited Time Access to Leadership Leverage Live Coaching


Limited Time Access to the Leadership Leverage Community


Ideal Avatar Worksheet


Influencer Brand Profile Assessment


Laser-Focused Success Strategy Consult


TOTAL VALUE: $18,617



Branded Like A Leader 2.0 Course


Limited Time Access to Leadership Leverage Live Coaching


Limited Time Access to the Leadership Leverage Private Community


Ideal Avatar Worksheet


Influencer Brand Profile Assessment


Laser-Focused Success Strategy Consult

TOTAL VALUE: $18,617




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What Industry Leaders say about Shaan Rais

Dan Lok

Shaan is someone I have worked with and consulted with, advising him over several years and watching him evolve into a great leader in his own right.

Eric Thomas

It’s my pleasure to recommend Shaan Rais’ framework to you. If you’re already on the path or just starting out, Shaan can help to light the way ahead!

Kendall Ficklin

These protocols that Shaan comes up with are phenomenal. They work. And from a leadership perspective, I fully recommend, I fully endorse him.

Who Else Has Achieved Business Breakthroughs After Learning From The King Of Branding Shaan Rais?

“I have already been able to double the revenue in my business by subscribing and applying his tactics and his leadership knowledge to my business. If you are thinking about subscribing to any of his content or any of his courses just go on and do it because you will not be disappointed.”


“Working with Shaan has been absolutely transformational. It has been life-changing, really truly life-changing. He has assisted me to dig down deep to find out what my real purpose is.”


“I was able to.quickly gain clarity on my ideal clients and learn the systems, the structure and the tools that I need to serve them to the highest level.”


7-Day 120% Money-Back Guarantee

If you buy Branded Like A Leader 2.0 and you’ve followed ALL steps after enrollment, gone through the course material, used our guides and frameworks , AND spoken to our team of mentors… And you don’t see the value…not only will we refund 100% of your money, we will also give you $1000 worth of value just for wasting your time. 

Simply contact the support team at and we will fulfill your request. 

And, there’s more…

90-Day Sprint Guarantee

If you join Branded Like A Leader 2.0 and you follow our guidance, attend all the classes, complete your assignments and you make more money than your original investment in less than 90 days… then we will credit you $4997 towards another program of your choice.

Finally … Here Are 9 More Reasons Why You Should Get Branded Like A Leader 2.0

Victoria Downes

Before I started working with Shaan, I wasn’t sure of how to package my expertise so it made sense for my ideal clients and also for me financially. Shaan was instrumental in helping me create the business of my dreams, which now allows me to serve my clients authentically without sacrificing my morals, values, and principles.

Chevron Patrick

Shaan helped me to make $20,000 for the month of Feb/21. It was more than I made the entire year before that in my business. The ironic part was that this was in LESS THAN 90 DAYS after enrolling in #BrandedLikeALeader! If you’re looking to Build, Grow or Scale your business and Brand, Shaan is the BEST at what he does!

Thomas Taylor

Before I worked with Shaan I never had a client of my own who paid me. I was coaching for years, but I didn’t know how to monetize the “value” of coaching, Shaan taught me that. He also taught me how to live in accord with my Morals, Values, and Principles. My wife and I coach clients who are married and it’s become a family business. My entire life has changed!

Sean Thomas

Working with Shaan Rais has been key in me becoming positioned to win. He is a true leader that is leading me even further than I had imagined. I am seeing success manifest and I look forward to all future success that will come with each opportunity.

Partricia Bartell

Shaan Rais is an exceptional leader, speaker and coach for anyone wanting to seriously level up their business in a fraction of the time. From his Branding and Positioning to Organic Marketing, everything one could need for business success, Shaan delivers above and beyond.

Jackie Thompson

I had no idea that my life would be changed in such a dramatic way. I found like-minded professionals aspiring for greatness who are building businesses to create a legacy for themselves and their families.


I was working with Shaan to level up my leadership game. I elevated my leadership skills, and this exploded my organization’s culture. I leveled up my speaking skills, and I’m on my way to building a massive personal brand. If you asked me to recommend you a leader, a coach, a professional closer – Shaan is the man.


Using Shaan Rais’ methodoligies, Jeleta was able to double her income in just 30 days to multiple six-figures.


If you are tired of selling yourself and you are ready to position yourself for your idea customers you need to commit to Shaan Rais’ framework and the Branded Like a Leader course!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Branded Like A Leader 2.0 for?

Branded Like A Leader 2.0 is for industry professionals with the desire to become entrepreneurs, as well as, existing entrepreneurs who need assistance with their branding, positioning, and marketing.

Can it work for all industries?

Yes, Branded Like A Leader 2.0 is not industry specific and its principles work across all industries including Human Resources, Social Services, Technology, Healthcare, Finance, Retail, Agriculture, Energy, Transportation, Education, Construction, Hospitality.

Do I have to leave my job to join the program?

No you do not have to leave your job to join the program. 

Is there a way to promote my business without getting in trouble at my job?

Yes, there is. Our mentors are waiting to show you how on the inside.

Is the program fun?

Yes! It is absolutely, and phenomenally fun. Most of us have been in the office for a looooong time. Nobody is looking for more work. We want to start a business but we also want to have fun.

What is the time commitment required for success?

The community meets typically 3 times a month for only 90-120 minutes per session. Outside of that, you have the freedom and flexibility to decide how much time you will dedicate to your business.

When will I see a return on my investment?

You will see a return on investment at the speed of your implementation. It all depends on how fast you use the information. Bare in mind that the program only works if you work it however it is possible for you to make over $20,000 in less than 90 days (like Chevon) or if you’re quick and strategic enough then you can double your income in less than 30 days (Like Jeleta)

Does the program involve coaching?

Yes it does. More details on the inside.

Is there an element of accountability?

Yes there is an element of accountability to help you stay on track

From The Desk of Shaan Rais

There has never been a better time to step into the world of entrepreneurship. Your dream life is possible. And it exists on the other side of your limitation. You are a professional which means that you are already competent. You need the confidence to step out and take a leap toward a brighter future. I created Branded Like A Leader with you in mind. I know what it feels like to go through the pain of being overworked and undervalued. I know how frustrating it can be to have a burning desire to achieve a dream and not have the “know-how”.  I know the pain of investing in programs and coaches that don’t work. So I created this so you never have to experience that again. Join me on the inside to unlock your dream life. This is NOT about money. It’s about the meaning and maximizing your time on the planet. Welcome and let’s grow!


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